A Papal Conspiracy

I see you!

My friend Thistle asked:

“Can you give me a hint as to what is in your brothers secret sauce?”

Unfortunately, this is not my secret to reveal, but I can go so far as to say that while the current recipe for this condiment has been in place since the time of Queen Victoria, it descends from ancient Rome. Popularized by the Rogers and Hammerstein of the 19th century culinary industry, its current incantation has a gestation in East India and has become a happier blending of the Orient and the Occident than most aspects of colonialism. It is a blend of tropical and homey ingredients, but it is not friendly to herbivores. It could even be said that the title of this post is an incredibly indirect clue to the sauce…

This all-purpose ingredient can add complexity and flavour to almost any savoury dish, from cocktails to salad! In connection with the hamburger, it is important to add it just before tossing the burger onto the grill.

Secret’s in the sauce… (But it’s not people like in Soylent Green or Fried Green Tomatoes!)

About What would Julia do?

Being timid and meek like Dorothy Gale, I have surprised myself by starting this blog. But a few people have suggested I do so, so there it is. I love to eat and I love to drink, so although this blog could be about almost anything I choose to type, there's likely to be a lot about what you put in your mouth. Why the title? Anyone who knows me knows my reverence for Julia Child. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that our country's interest in the culinary arts would be all but non-existent but for Her. I would not attempt to count the number of people who have cited Her influence in their lives and careers. What Atticus Finch is to lawyers, Julia Child is to the cook, be s/he servantless or professional. Honesty demands me to say that it is not simply Her advocacy of GOOD FOOD that has immortalized her; She had the happy circumstance of coming into her own at a time when media was in her favour. We can all be thankful for that. I would name Julia Child as the patron saint of second starts, but I'm a happy heretic. Julia's dogma goes beyond the kitchen: She has famously stated that "[y]ou've got to have the courage of your convictions..." Her statement applies as equally to any part of one's life as it does to flipping a potato gallette. I will conclude by noting I have my own personal trinity of Js--Julia, Judy Garland, and Joanna Rowling. Please refer back to that part about my being a happy heretic.
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2 Responses to A Papal Conspiracy

  1. Thistle says:

    Hmmm. really. That’s all I get. A history lesson and a longing for butterscotch pudding.

  2. Please don’t put butterscotch pudding in your hamburger. All the clues you need are in the post and the links. Pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes. Or Nancy Drew, if you prefer.

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