More Unexpected Gay Characters in Cinema

The I Hope Disney Doesn’t Sue Edition

An actor’s life for me

The predatory fox and cat from Pinocchio… who, if my memory serves, were called John Worthington Foulfellow and Gideon. I always thought they had a little somethin’-somethin’ between them, but maybe it was simply their infectious enthusiasm for the theatre. Please note that I will not sully the dignity of this blog by any mention of Pinocchio’s nose.

Baby got back…

Gus (or was it Jacques, I always get them confused, it’s the husky one, anyway) from Cinderella… When Cinderella was putting her gown together for the ball, Gus (or Jacques) wanted to help her make it with all the fervor of a young Coco Chanel. This being the Eisenhower years, Jacques (or Gus) admonished him to “leave the sewin’ to the wimmin,” and high rodent couture was crushed beneath the iron heel of straight mouse oppression.

He just heard there was a sale on at Andrew Christian

Mr Toad as voiced by Eric Blore in The Adventures of Mr Toad… Well, I don’t think Eric Blore ever played a heterosexual in his life; he was kind of a British Rip Taylor.

Ursula, the Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid… She was inspired by the fabulous and immortal Divine. Enough said. Except, not really. I think Ursula’s the most sympathetic character in The Little Mermaid. Ariel’s a materialistic little tart with her obsession for other people’s things; trust me, once she found her way into that kingdom, Prince Eric’s public relations team had a hell of a timekeeping her kleptomania out of the newspapers. King Triton, if you’ll pardon my vulgarity, is just an oligarchical fuckwad. Yes, I said fuckwad. Julia liked the fuck word, too. It’s in her new biography. Al Swearengen liked it, too, and I think he and Julia would’ve gotten along just fine. Sebastian’s a crabby, anal-retentive bossypants, and that flounder would be best served a la meuniere. Don’t get me started on that seagull, those birds are filthy, disgusting scavengers: just look at what they did to poor Tippi Hendren in Hitchcock’s The Birds! So, I’m sorry, but no matter how doe-eyed that Prince Eric was, I think he just murdered the poor woman… or octopus… well, whatever…

Gaston in Beauty and the Beast… Sorry, but most straight men aren’t that obsessed with their body image, and they most certainly don’t SING about decorating. Even if it’s with antlers. Oh well, everyone has their kinks, and not all queens receive the gift of good taste.

Jafar in Aladdin  Well, if you ask me…  the John Waters mustache says it all…

Penultimately, it’s a real boy! Like Eric Blore, Roddy McDowell was pretty much gay in every role he ever played, even when he was married to Stella DuBois Kowalski in an ape suit. He’s pictured here in That Darn Cat. If Miss Blore is the British Rip Taylor, Roddy’s the United Kingdom’s Paul Lynde.

And lastly, the jungle’s version of The Odd Couple, Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King…

I swear, if you existed, I’d divorce you.

All I can say is, Simba had two dads. Or three, if you count Darth Vader…

I hope this makes the Magic Kingdom just a little more magical.

Next, unexpected gay characters in HBO’s groundbreaking series Oz. Oh, wait…

About What would Julia do?

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2 Responses to More Unexpected Gay Characters in Cinema

  1. Erin Gibson says:

    keep it coming!
    BTW, last night I made a delicious key lime tart for a friend’s birthday. It was a mayonnaise lady recipe…

  2. Thistle says:

    I love it.

    When do you show K. Turner?


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