Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

There’s a big difference between Smokey the Bear when one is a child:

and when one is an adult:

But what made me think of all this was watching Star Wars (I never miss a chance to listen to Carrie Fisher commentary), when Darth Vader kills Obi Wan Kenobi, and then toes his sodden robes with his foot, which I guess is redundant, ’cause I guess he wouldn’t toe them with his nose, would he? Well, I remember when I saw it, the audience erupted in disdain and disgust, but I’d just seen Bambi:

and been traumatized in so many different ways (I had to be carried out of the theatre in a swoon) but it instilled in me a deep, abiding, and overweening fear of fire (I don’t to this day know where I find the nerve to barbecue, let alone flame a Bananas Foster or a Christmas Pudding), that in spite of the horror of Alec Guinness’ murder (or, to call a spade a spade, the euthanization, though you’d never think of Darth as a Kevorkian from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away)

all I thought was, “How nice, Mr Vader’s stamping out any sparks or cinders that might be there, he’s trying to prevent an inferno on the Death Star.” I mean, Dorothy wasn’t so careful when she melted the Witch, even with all the smoke billowing about

she just let her dog go sniffing around, and there was a hell of a lot more wood in her castle than on the Death Star. Of course, it didn’t work out that well for poor Darth in the end,

but points, points, points for effort; it just goes to show, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

About What would Julia do?

Being timid and meek like Dorothy Gale, I have surprised myself by starting this blog. But a few people have suggested I do so, so there it is. I love to eat and I love to drink, so although this blog could be about almost anything I choose to type, there's likely to be a lot about what you put in your mouth. Why the title? Anyone who knows me knows my reverence for Julia Child. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that our country's interest in the culinary arts would be all but non-existent but for Her. I would not attempt to count the number of people who have cited Her influence in their lives and careers. What Atticus Finch is to lawyers, Julia Child is to the cook, be s/he servantless or professional. Honesty demands me to say that it is not simply Her advocacy of GOOD FOOD that has immortalized her; She had the happy circumstance of coming into her own at a time when media was in her favour. We can all be thankful for that. I would name Julia Child as the patron saint of second starts, but I'm a happy heretic. Julia's dogma goes beyond the kitchen: She has famously stated that "[y]ou've got to have the courage of your convictions..." Her statement applies as equally to any part of one's life as it does to flipping a potato gallette. I will conclude by noting I have my own personal trinity of Js--Julia, Judy Garland, and Joanna Rowling. Please refer back to that part about my being a happy heretic.
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1 Response to Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

  1. Tayreze says:

    What? No recipe? I was expecting a special volcanic island, or molten cake recipe to follow… Maybe a smoked brisket, after all that talk about fire!

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