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Being timid and meek like Dorothy Gale, I have surprised myself by starting this blog. But a few people have suggested I do so, so there it is. I love to eat and I love to drink, so although this blog could be about almost anything I choose to type, there's likely to be a lot about what you put in your mouth. Why the title? Anyone who knows me knows my reverence for Julia Child. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that our country's interest in the culinary arts would be all but non-existent but for Her. I would not attempt to count the number of people who have cited Her influence in their lives and careers. What Atticus Finch is to lawyers, Julia Child is to the cook, be s/he servantless or professional. Honesty demands me to say that it is not simply Her advocacy of GOOD FOOD that has immortalized her; She had the happy circumstance of coming into her own at a time when media was in her favour. We can all be thankful for that. I would name Julia Child as the patron saint of second starts, but I'm a happy heretic. Julia's dogma goes beyond the kitchen: She has famously stated that "[y]ou've got to have the courage of your convictions..." Her statement applies as equally to any part of one's life as it does to flipping a potato gallette. I will conclude by noting I have my own personal trinity of Js--Julia, Judy Garland, and Joanna Rowling. Please refer back to that part about my being a happy heretic.

Padric’s Mother’s Day Movie Picks

Photos to come… In the years since Anna Jarvis stepped forward in West Virginia to honor her mother, there have been countless portrayals of mothers in the movies. There have been tragic mothers in movies like Bambi, Sophie’s Choice, and … Continue reading

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Uppercrust forever

“We’ll behave, Mary Poppins, we promise.” “That’s a pie crust promise: easily made, easily broken.” As usual, the practically perfect Mary Poppins is right. Pie crusts are like the martini of the pastry world: their very simplicity belies a complexity of … Continue reading

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Samosas: Pied, Not Fried

While a samosa is more properly a dumpling than it is a pie, these traditionally triangular puffs of golden goodness filled with vegetables and the spices of the east can conceivably be compared to a fried pie or empanadas. Though … Continue reading

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My Year in Pie

°It has been some time since I have posted on this blog, having been stuck with the latest list friend Thistle (who may now be followed, should you choose, at and I have compiled. Though I know I will … Continue reading

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The Bronx and Staten Island, too…

In previous posts, I have waxed upon such cocktails as the Sazerac, the Old Fashioned–these two are similar enough to be almost interchangeable, and both argue the place of the “original” cocktail, the Sazerac being a more localized choice until recent … Continue reading

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Reigning Men

Back during the holidays (see The First Annual Las Vegas Gourmet Holiday Dinner), Thistle and I took it upon ourselves to tabulate the great actors and actresses of the cinema. After great anguish and debate, rending of garments and tearing … Continue reading

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The Simplest Roast Chicken

Julia was always fond of saying that a perfectly roasted chicken was the sign of a good chef, and this declaration is inarguable. One reason for this is that a whole chicken is like a blank canvas: all one needs … Continue reading

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