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Samosas: Pied, Not Fried

While a samosa is more properly a dumpling than it is a pie, these traditionally triangular puffs of golden goodness filled with vegetables and the spices of the east can conceivably be compared to a fried pie or empanadas. Though … Continue reading

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The Simplest Roast Chicken

Julia was always fond of saying that a perfectly roasted chicken was the sign of a good chef, and this declaration is inarguable. One reason for this is that a whole chicken is like a blank canvas: all one needs … Continue reading

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Soup of the Evening

Beautiful soup… The chicken started all the trouble, I just can’t roast a chicken without saving the carcass. Making a stock from a roasted carcass adds so much more complexity to the stock than just a plain, unvarnished chicken. It’s … Continue reading

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