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Samosas: Pied, Not Fried

While a samosa is more properly a dumpling than it is a pie, these traditionally triangular puffs of golden goodness filled with vegetables and the spices of the east can conceivably be compared to a fried pie or empanadas. Though … Continue reading

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Fish are Jumpin’ and the Cotton is High

It’s terribly difficult to believe that yesterday was Labour Day, even if half the schools here have already begun and the fall season is writ large upon the sales floor at work. I’m not ready to put my linen, seersucker, … Continue reading

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Some Pig!

WWJD: I am about to roast a pork loin in a garlic sour orange sauce marinaded overnight.  My concern is that is will be dry when it is done.  Is there any way to make a pork loin tender?  I’m … Continue reading

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