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All the Noise and all the Hurry Seems to Help

Reader Beware: Please understand that almost nothing within this post is documented in any form, and that all I’m writing is what I’ve heard in general conversation. Please understand that I’m not always the best listener-I’m easily distracted by shiny … Continue reading

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Unexpected Gay Characters in Cinema

The Cowardly Lion: Born to be a sissy, the Cowardly Lion is probably more of a “bear” in today’s gay nomenclature. He’d certainly be at the top of the list for anyone with a furries and/or plushies fetish. Not even Dorothy enjoyed her … Continue reading

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Size Does Matter

At least in the world of ice cubes and cocktails. Beyond that, to each his own. I’m a recent convert to jumbo ice cubes. The larger mass of ice keeps the drink colder and melts more slowly than smaller or … Continue reading

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